It’s been a while…

I know I know, it’s been a while since I’ve been on this page and taken time to write and share. I’ve been reading a little less as of late as my lunch time has changed from an hour to 30 minutes. I should probably not complain as most people still have to eat on the go, rushing in and out of sandwich bites or stealing a chip from time to time. At least I get my lunch break…and now that I work with my sister, we sit together and discuss the day as we cruise Facebook together, commenting and sharing thoughts and ideas in response to items we see posted…but I miss my books! 

SO what have I read lately? I finished the Divergent trilogy…where people are born into certain categories and lifestyles then have the option when they come of age to move to another sector and lifestyle. It follows a handful of late teens as they emerge from their quiet lives and move into the toughest group, the local military basically, what that entails and what happens when, just before making that choice, one learns that you have more than one recommended field, more than one useful talent and skill set, a mind that cannot be tied down to one location, sector, lifestyle…when your mind is Divergent. It’s a great little trilogy, a little political anarchy thrown in, attempted brain washings and trying to turn friends against one another, loss of life and friends, old faces emerging from the past, and of course a few crazy scenes that bring one back to the Hunger Games and survival of the fittest. This is another series that my oldest son, the non-reader, is one book into…he likes, not loves, the book but wants to see how it all plays out and plans to finish the series. Another score for Mom!!! The trilogy reads fast, characters that show the reader a mirror from time to time, moments of feeling uncomfortable or angry or like you may not want to finish the stories…a good read none the less. 

I jumped around a handful of books I found at the Dollar Tree and for $1.00 each I couldn’t leave behind…I should of. Easy reading, not really a fan of any so I won’t even waste your time with titles! Yup…I call it like I see it! 

I’m currently reading PS I Love You…and so far it is not disappointing. I loved the movie, the weaving of love and loss, Ireland and America, the joy of friendship mingled with the loss of a loved one. Being that my normal rule indicates the book to be much better than the movie, I cannot wait to really get into the meat and potatoes of this story. I’m not far in and will report more later. 

My list of “to get and read” books seems to be growing more and more as of late. There is a new Elizabeth Gilbert book, and I must reread Wild before I see the new movie. I found the next book about Tuscany written by Frances Meyes, famous for Under the Tuscan Sun but haven’t jumped into it yet. I have an entire bookshelf, homemade and totally overflowing, screaming at me each time I walk by wondering when I will get to those books. As you can see…the list is growing and growing. 

I have made a pact though that after I buy my next book, the new Elizabeth Gilbert book, I will not purchase another book until I’ve read more than half way through my book shelf. I get rid of those books I don’t care for which in turn makes room for those I love and those I plan to get, at some point…though my ache to create a bookstore makes me wonder if I shouldn’t just hang on to those “gotta go” books for the sale rack. The dream job…if only there was a way, an affordable venue, and an affordable rental along the water’s edge. OK…tangent over, thinking out loud! 

So that’s it for me. For anyone following along, please jump in and give me a few titles…I have many so we never know where our paths might cross and stories might be shared! Happy reading…enjoy those desserts!


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